New Particle hardware?


You can only take teasing so far. GHI Electronics was notorious for doing this with their products. Hated it every time there is just no point in it other that some silly sales gimmick to see what people want. Kinda like free advertising.


@seulater, it hasn’t been that long! You can’t say that this topic hasn’t been entertaining if not informative.


True that its not that long, but when a man has been in the desert wanting that glass of water for so long every minute seems like days. But no, there has been nothing informative here. We are all guessing.


This topic has been the highlight of my night.



feels like the old AOL days watching the chat window.


Right on time. Nice work @RWB


@seulater, you will get buckets tomorrow! The guesses and discussions ARE informative in their own way. Tomorrow, this forum will light up like a Xmas tree so conserve your energy.


@RWB, post one more cat and I terminate it!!!


ok, I think i am ready for it now anyways, being there is no ESP32.


He’s asking for the cat. :laughing:




I can’t say that either…

Hey! I know now that the ESP32 has 36 GPIOs!

Bottom line, I think they will send the trio to everyone that posts a wild guess here BLINK BLINK


That would be nice.

Is this wild enough?

They should make sure to not send the ESP32 to @seulater because he doesn’t think there is one.


your killing me here, i dream at night about the ESP32 :smile:


Just to eat up 2 mins of wait time.

I bet these are running off those ESP32 chips


I recommend you use VS Code, I saw there was at least one plugin for Arduino, and VS as IDE is very very very nice



Exactly! but instead we are going to get the ESP8266


I definitely think so! hehehe