New Particle hardware?


I stepped away and watched a Netflix show, came back and this thread exploded. didn’t do my due diligence first.


Which one?


But, but, but… Just no sense is using the ESP8266. Just plain silly.


season 1 of the show 24


But remember they hired people specifically for the ESP32.


Watch Altered Carbon, it’s pretty good.


So it’s “in the mix”. Right guys?


Yes, but if they are just now releasing these now, its going to be a long while before we see that, and it has so much more to offer.



But what does the board without the ESP8266 or ublox have on it?


Maybe the current processor ?



Yup. This is the best thread on the Particle forums yet.


ok thanks, tomorrow night then.


Only so far! I’m pretty sure there will be better! ha ha


Ok, folks, I can tell you this…


How long has it been since that job posting was up?

And I wonder if any Particle employees are watching this thread but are refraining to like any post because they don’t want to be caught lurking.

Looking at you @will.

Where’s the official announcement?


spit it out


Everything will be revealed tomorrow :smirk:


he was waiting for this…


Besides, there is so much goodness coming that none of us want to ruin the surprise :yum: