New Particle hardware?


What do you mean?


maybe they added external flash to increase storage space. I just hope its not an ESP8266 that would be a serious step backwards.



Care to share how you got the picture?


Just yanking your guys chain on the port. I think we should trade info. You left us hanging as to this mystery, should I do the same :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Tell us if its an ESP32 or not, and I’ll tell you where I got those pics


Good one.


For just a brief moment, that pic flashed on twitter, just long enough for my to take a screen shot, after which it was gone.


Why would they delete a tweet? :thinking:


I’m not a twitter person, it was at the top of the twitter page like the current image is now. I don’t think thats called a tweet. My guess is they were testing the new graphic for tomorrows big event, and I caught it just in time.


Pretty sure it was a tweet if what you say is correct and you didn’t hack their internal database of photos. :wink:


But aren’t the tweets farther down the page. That there at the very top is more of a static logo thing.


Oh they put it as the banner, wow, that’s a major tease.


ya, thats the proper word. That banner changed for for like 30-40 seconds, then flicked back.


You know nothing John Snow, Carl will NOT die and Bancroft shot himself at the end…


I was impressed with Netflix for funding that well-made series.


Well, we know nothing if there is anything underneath. I do know this much, That is NOT an ESP32 there because the ESP32 has 12 pins per side and the one shown only has 8
Damit! my whole night just went into the crapper!


NB-IoT and LTE-M please. Those networks are lighting up globally.


The ESP32 is in the mix, relax :smile:


Where’ve you been? I made that observation 2 hours ago. :wink:


Don’t post that cat video again! :laughing: