NEW Adafruit_mfGFX multifont library


@RWB, when the Particle folks get to creating an API for accessing 2MB of the external flash using LittleFS then yes. Until then, nope!


When they do get that done would we be able to fill up that 2MB of flash memory via cloud flashing new firmware?


Nope, when you look at the memory map in the datasheets you can see how much of that would be usable for application needs.

:pensive: Sorry, I was missing the 2MB restriction in your question and jumped the gun when reading “fill up” (thinking the entire ext. flash which is now 4MB - after the “upgrade” from the original specs)
So, yes ~2MB availble but not the way you anticipate.


I’m not referring to the whole 2MB but what ever would be free to use? I just want to be able to flash new firmware and have the bitmap data stored on that flash during the OTA update ideal to avoid needing to code a whole separate routine for downloading and storing on Flash.


I doubt this would work. The OTA update would not cater for the delivery of data directly into the LittleFS section.


@RWB, that area won’t be OTA’able if that’s what you mean. There is no “user” OTA method in the Particle system. Your application code will need to pull that data from somewhere. Since it will use LittleFS, I doubt there will be a direct DFU method as well.


Thanks for clearing this up for me guys.

There is enough room now to do what I want to do but I wanted to know if there was any extra room or methods for squeezing in more data without doing anything special.

@peekay123 created some custom code for me years ago for downloading custom bitmaps from a website to a SD card on a Photon or Electron if I wanted to go down that road. I’m sure it could be adapted to store the data on the Flash instead of a SD card also.


@RWB, the code could probably adapted to use SPIFFS with an external SPI flash.