Netbeans 8.0 IDE and Deep Update

I’ve have just installed Netbeans 8.0 IDE on win7_x86 like shown in the youtube video and linked in this community topic made by @seulater . (My cores are white colored, I got them in Dec-2013).

I did this on July-21 and everything seems to work fine while testing with a few lines of code.

Because I’m a absolute beginner to C++ i just want to know what’s the best way to get the deep update done and avoid conflicts with Netbeans.

Can I do this OTA with the web IDE and then go on with Netbeans, or should I do this locally?
Thanks in advance,

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Hi @mf2105,

You can totally do this with the web IDE and then continue to develop and flash normally locally with Netbeans, they won’t fight. :slight_smile: