Need help getting code to work

This is the function that I am looping and I want the bottom comment to execute so that the screen goes blank after 5 seconds of no activity from the potentiometer.

void getDesiredTemp(){
  //This is how we read the sensor and print it to the LED screen
  int sensorValue;
  sensorValue = (analogRead(sensorPin)/ 136);    
  String thisString = String((sensorValue) + 60);

  printTitle(thisString, 1);
  // I want this(a blank screen) to happen after 5 seconds of no activity on the potentiometer
  //printTitle(" ", 1);

not sure how to do that, especially since there’s always a different voltage coming in through that port, right?

@demented, what you should be doing is in your loop() code, looking at the temp value and comparing with the previously read value. If it is within a range that is considered “noise” and therefore unchanging then you count millis() until your reach 5000 (5sec) after which you blank your screen. If the value changes more than the “noise” you reset your timer and start over again.