Multiple Wifi settings per device + ID /project check

I have found in my company several devices, which apparently are from some older projects, now I am facing these questions :

  • is there a way to check ID of those devices, so I could check which project they belong to?
  • is there a way to check Wifi settings stored in that devices? (our Wifi SSIDs and passwords change by time, so I can ot connect it to internet when I dont know it)
  • is it possible somehow to set 2 Wifi SSID configurations within each device : one (project specific ) for standard operation (SSID specific to client project : SSID : Project1, password : password1) and another SSID for “debuging” : in case say I will find such device as leftover from some project, or somewhere on stock, so I will create "our Developers Wifi SSID : DEBUG, with password : DEBUGPASS) and the device will connect to internet even without creating the Wifi SSID : Project1.
    Anybody can help?

You can request the device ID in Listening Mode via particle identify.

You cannot retrieve the WiFi password but you can add new WiFi credentials in order to get the device(s) online again (in Listening Mode particle serial wifi)

All Particle WiFi devices can store multiple sets of WiFi credentials as long the SSIDs are unique.

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Great Answers, thank you.
1.Can you specify how to create “multiple sets of Wifi credentials”?
2. You wrote : “You cannot retrieve the WiFi password” …OK, but can I see at least somehow what SSIDs are stored inside?

Just add a new set and the device will find a new slot for it

Reading the reference documentation would help to find out

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