Multiple sensor Issue Particle

I am not very familiar with circuitry and think I have a basic circuit issue. I have multiple pressure sensors connected each with three pins( 1 to 3.3V, 1 to its ownanalog input, and 1 to ground). When I add an additional sensor into the circuit with the same configuration, the particle does not want to startup until I remove the sensor(it doesnt blink when the sensor is connected, but starts up when the sensor is removed). I can then add the sensor back in after startup without an issue. I measured the resistance between ground and power and it was only 30 ohms. I first thought this was because of a short somewhere, but concluded it was because all of my sensors(each 90 ohms) are in parallel so there is minimal resistance between the power and ground which causes the particle to think there is a short.

Is my understanding of this correct? If so, is there a solution for isolating the sensors from one another? or is there any other simple solution for fixing this?

It’s really hard to give advice without more details. Do you have a schematic or simple wiring diagram? Which pins are the sensors connected to? What type are they? How much current do they pull (if you’re not sure that can be checked in the datasheet for the sensor). And which Particle device are you using?

@jastew1011, since your sensors are effectively in parallel between 3.3v and GND, the effective current is I = V/R or 3.3v/30 ohms = 110 mA. However, I suspect the sensors are actually drawing more than that at first since they need to warm up, drawing a lot of current in the process. This effectively robs the Boron of the current it needs to startup and its 3.3v regulator probably shuts down to protect itself. Can you specify which sensors you are using?

You best solution is to have a separate 3.3v supply which can handle the initial influx of current for the sensors without affecting the Boron.

I attached the schematic, but it isnt very clean.
The pressure sensors take between 2.1 -2.8 mA
The other 2 sensors take 24mA to 36mA
I am using a particle Boron

@jastew1011, the sensor part number is unreadable. Can you post the specific part numbers. Even better, post a link to the datasheets if you can.

@jastew1011, for the pid-tech sensors, they can be powered with up to 5.5v and will keep the same output voltage range (max 2.5v). The maximum current draw is 36mA (at 5.5V) so two of these should only draw 72ma. As for the Honeywell sensor, it should consume only 2.1 to 2.7mA so that makes a total of less than 80ma. What’s NOT in the data sheets is any details on current consumption during power-up and operation. The pid-tech units use a lamp for photo-ionization so I suspect these create the inrush issue. You could control the power to these sensors via a transistor so you can sequence the power to stagger the inrush and not overwhelm the Boron power supply.