Multiple mesh products in 1 location, how can we configure to which gateway a device will connect?

Hello, Mesh is new to me, so sorry if I ask a very stupid question, but I did not find the answer to this in the documentation.

Say there are 2 products. each product has its gateway to the cloud. The mesh devices that connect to the gateway, how can it be configured to which gateway a mesh device will connect?

You do not want a mesh device to connect through a gateway of another product.

@GrtVHecke, currently, the only way to control which mesh a device connects to is during its setup. There is no programmatic way to change it once it is “bound” to a specific mesh. If you want to change the mesh a device is connected to, you need to reset its mesh credentials by holding the SETUP button for more than 10 secs. Then you can restart the setup procedure but connecting to the new mesh.

Particle has not yet specified all of the mesh functionality including specifying if a typical gateway product can act like a node only, sleepy (non-repeater) nodes, mesh partitioning, multi-gateway (High Availability) operation, etc. These will be detailed over the coming months as mesh stability and ease of setup become solid.

@peekay123 Thank you for the clear reply!

So I need to wait and see when this functionality is coming in the next firmware upgrades.

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That’s currently the case. End nodes can only connect to the gateway they’re currently configured for.