Multiple devices are selected as target in IDE and I can't unselect any

I am wanting to work on a project using my Cores but I am having this weird issue that I’ve never seen before.

While in the IDE and I go to target devices, both of my Cores have a yellow star by them. That isn’t supposed to happen. I can’t unselect it. I pulled the power on one of my Cores because I don’t want to flash a different firmware onto it while I am developing on another device but the star still stays. It shows that the powered down device isn’t breathing but I can’t remove the star. I’ve never had this issue before.

I have factory reset each device many times, refreshed the page, and unclaimed and reclaimed in an attempt to remedy this problem but it made no difference.

When I go to flash firmware OTA it doesn’t work most of the time.

The only thing different about this time compared to my other times using these for projects is that my keys have expired. From the CLI, I typed ‘particle token new’ and that allowed me to claim the devices. Are these issues caused because I didn’t update a certain set of keys? Has anyone else experienced this issue before?

Can you post a screenshot of that?
Can you clear the cache via the CLEAR CACHE button in the settings drawer in Build?

I cleared the cache but there was no change.

Here is a screenshot from a few minutes ago:

Does incognito mode change anything?
Do the two devices have different device IDs in your Build session?
What does particle list give you back?

I just tried Incognito Mode but it was the exact same. I couldn’t unselect either of the yellow stars.

The device ID listed in the IDE shows they are different. I checked via the CLI last night (still had it open). Here is a screenshot.

If I tell it to signal a device through the IDE, the RGB LED illuminates immediately on the correct device but flashing firmware involves my powering down the device I don’t want flashed. Even then, it takes several attempts before to get it to actually update successfully.

That’s a really interesting issue :sunglasses:

Something to ping @suda & @stefanmoraru about.

Awesome. Thanks for the assistance and guidance.

Let me know what is needed.

@eavery, has your issue been sorted yet?

It has not. I haven’t heard anything from the 2 people you mentioned at all.

I’ve had an info of Stefan that he has got a fix that will allow un-staring devices, but he’ll have to clean it up before deployment - so stay tuned.

That sounds fantastic.

Will there be patch release notes on what was causing the issue, if it was device specific, and the fix?