Multiple Copies of Firmware?

I am working with an Argon and a Xenon, both of which I have flashed custom binaries into. I understand that multiple files can be flashed onto a device and they all exist simultaneously on the device, although I’m not sure if this assumption is correct.

I have been using the same file name each time I update a particular binary to overwrite previous firmware. For example, any time i update the Blink LED firmware, I will always save and compile it to my desktop under the name “blink.bin”.

I am curious about how to remove old binaries from the Argon and Xenon that I no longer need but I cannot find any information about this. Are old flashed files automatically removed somehow?

@0xgaby Welcome to the Particle Community.

Each device only holds one application binary at a time.

A good practice to know that a new binary has taken (flashed correctly) is to either print to serial a version number from setup() or have a Particle.variable(“VER”, versionNum); defined with an int versionNum = 1; say.

Flashing tinker is a good way to clear to a know baseline - it is guaranteed to work.


Oh ok, did not know that! Thank you!