MQTT-TLS update to 0.2.24

Now I update MQTT-TLS library to 0.2.24 with mbedTLS 2.28.0(latest).

MQTT-TLS 0.2.24 version can use on Argon, Boron with firmware version over 3.1.0 and later. Because of User Application area use 256Kbyte on 3.1.0.
This version(latest mbedTLS 2.28.0) can use several cipher list and I checked with AWS IoT/let’s encrpyt ISRG Root X1 connectivity works well & stable.

Other platform(like photon)/firmware version, please use MQTT-TLS 0.2.23 version.

Thank you.


Very cool!

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Additionally, here is a MQTT-TLS 0.2.24(mbedTLS 2.28) cipher lilsts on default settings.

  • ECDHE|DHE, RSA|ECDSA, CHACHA20_POLY_1305|AES[128|256], GCM,CCM[|_8],CBC,SHA[|256|384],

ChaCha20-Poly1305 works well on Argon/Boron!!
When usings MQTT-TLS with Argon/Boron, I strongly recommended apply 0.2.24 version(mbedTLS 2.28.0) for the more secure network connectivity.


Does MQTT-TLS 0.2.24 supports SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) ?

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