Mountable socket for Photon

I’m looking for a socket which I can solder to a board that the Particle Photon can be plugged into therefore allowing me to easily remove and replace it.

I’ve had a look online and have come across DIL sockets and wondered if that might work. The link below is an example of what I found,

Would the Photon fit this? Is there a better alternative?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You’re looking for something like this. I think the pitch is wrong on this one though, so make sure you check the pin on the photon and the one you’re looking at.

ZYAMY 10pcs 2.54mm 40Pin Round Female Socket Pin Header Strip 1x40P Single Row Straight Female/Male Socket/Pin Header Strip Connector Black

We have several recommended connectors in the Photon Datasheet:

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Perfect. Thanks for the prompt response.