Motor resistance

This isn’t a post about anything particle, I just wasn’t sure where else to ask. I’ve got a problem with my gate operator motor, it runs too efficiently. My DC motor draws less than an amp while running a 200lb gate, normally this is great since the motor will last for years, however, the circuit board I’m using has software that monitors motor amperage draw to tell if the motor is bad, the parameters are set at about 1.5amps on the bottom end. I need to increase my draw by maybe .5-1 amp, I know this can be done with resistors, I just don’t know the formula to figure this out. Does anyone have any experience with DC voltage/amperage for this?

Specs on my motor:
10amp max stall current

any suggestions?

If you’re trying to calculate the correct resistor size for the current sensor max setting, then this article may help.

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This certainly helps, thanks @RWB

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@mjones were you able to get the right resistor you needed?

No, this helped narrow it down, but the resistor quickly overheated, so I removed it from the circuit. For now we’re just hoping for the best unfortunately.