Mobile communication with Electron tracker hangs

My iPhone running the SDK polls data from my Electron GPS tracker by making a function call to it.
Electron responds to this by publishing latest GPS record.
Works great; iPhone does function call and gets every GPS record.

But! If while this is going on I start a 2nd iPhone polling a 2nd Electron tracker, communication between the 1st iPhone and 1st tracker hangs.

Both iPhones have same software, both trackers have same software.

We’d need to see some code.

I thought it was some device ID problem, but it was bug in my code.
I fixed with hard-coded Electron device ID .

Product Plan:
Pair each Electron tracker with user’s mobile.
(I assume Electron has no pre-programmed unique ID.)
Pairing generates 128-bit UUID unique tracker ID which Electron stores in its flash.

I assume there’s a method of read & write to Electron flash. (will investigate)

It has. The System.deviceID() is unique.

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