Buttons gone after Log Off

hi! I wrote some code on a CORE and published 3 of the functions for use with

  Particle.function("Ro_scene1", my_scene1);
  Particle.function("Ro_scene2", my_scene2);
  Particle.function("Ro_scene99", my_scene99);

All the functions are calling other look like

  int my_scene2 (String test2)
     fs20_send_cmd(my_eg_ro8 , fs20_PreviousValue, 0xFF);
     fs20_send_cmd(my_og_ro_all , fs20_PreviousValue , 0xFF);
  return time_hhmm;

Everything function call via works perfect. but when I try to create buttons they work also very well, but after log off from all buttons are gone! Any idea what I do wrong? Thanks!

Not sure if it’s related, but you shouldn’t have a delay that long in your function handler. Treat it like an interrupt, set a ‘flag’, check for sais ‘flag’ in the loop, and act accordingly.

What buttons are gone from where and how have you set them up?

BTW, can you not use one function and just use the command parameter to select the desired scene?

But once you log out your connection to that account and all its devices and hence functions will be cut - that’s what logging out does usually independent of the service.
This also allows to set up different buttons for another account with other devices with other functions.

BTW, is a service provided by, so it might be best to ask @IOTrav such questions.

Thanks for the ping @ScruffR

Mobicle was just a simple test application another engineer and I threw together over a weekend. At the time there was no GUI for calling functions, monitoring variables, and monitoring events. We needed something for this and thus Mobicle was born.

Mobicle is a web based application and it uses browser memory for storing newly created Function Call buttons. The problem with this is that if you clear your browser cache, log off, or try to log in on a different computer all that data will be gone. In order to remedy this Mobicle would have to use a remote server for user data storage, thus complexity happens quickly and it starts to cost money.

Keep in mind Mobicle is a free thing a couple of guys threw together over an extended weekend. There are now other/better solutions for calling functions on your Particle devices. The latest iOS app from Particle allows this, although to my knowledge I don’t think the Android app does.

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hi @IOTrav! Many thanks for the reply. That means as long as I keep the cache the buttons would work? That would help a lot! So I could run my Home Automation on a android tablet with FF, great! I tried it before on my laptop, where the Firefox cache is configured to be deleted after each session, so now it’s clear why it’s not working. I will try it in a separate portable FF.
I really appreciate your efforts, the web app is a very simple way to get things running w/o coding. Keep going guys! the community (especially the newbies) will like it! Many Thanks! :gift:
Thanks to @ScruffR for ping.

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@iotrav: yep, works with a untouched copy of Portable Firefox as expected. Now I can focus on the project again. THANKS for your help and!

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Glad to hear it @mf2105 Hopefully one day we will get the time/funding to continue development on Mobicle :smile:

@IOTrav: Is now finally shutdown? I receive get this message for a fex days now:
Gateway Timeout
Server error - server is unreachable at this moment.

Hey, we made some changes to our server configurations and I didn’t get mobicle migrated. I just got it back online, so you should be good!