Mixing Photon with Sigfox network

Hi all

do you know Sigfox french startup ? http://makers.sigfox.com/
They have a dedicated low band network, specialized for IoT.

I’m wondering if any of you already tested to use the Photon with a Sigfox module ? if yes what you used, what was your use case etc…

The couple could be really awesome ! : full autonomy for battery, connectivity etc…

thanks for your feedback.

hey all

I come back on this post since I’m on the point to receive some Sigfox module (those ones : http://www.adeunis-rf.com/fr/produits/module-sigfox/si868-25mw)

SO, we could connect to this module using UART interface :

  1. to connect it on the Photon, I “just” need to connect RT TX photon input to the wire ? How can I do to power this module using the Photon ?

  2. To send information to the cloud, the Sigfox module uses AT COMMANDS. Do you have an idea on how I could forward sensor data to the cloud by using AT commands (since its the only way to interact with the Sigfox module).

Having a photon, with a battery, and this Sigfox module, would means have an IoT module ttly autonomous… looks pretty cool no ?

I totally agree with you !
Particle should investigate and create partnership with sigfox in order to create a product like electron but with sigfox module.

I have just found this article
The second comment is very interesting which explains that sigfox is not using a really good technology. But I am not an expert in this field.

Very interesting indeed.
We will see in the future what will be the best technology for M2M. Maybe both technologies will surrvive but for different applications as both have pros & cons