Microsoft SDK Galileo rollout

After hearing a bit of buzz about this I signed up, and was able to confirm via a twitter post from a Microsoft IoT (Internet of Things) team member that indeed they will be sending out SDK kits with an Intel Galileo board for free to developers. They should be shipping “soon”

Sign up and more info here…
Not sure how long this offer is good for.
“Share and Enjoy!”


Thanks for sharing! we have tons of people who have been signing up the past few days.

I got in contact with other IoTs as well and they are also shipping me stuff to explore :D!

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Hey Kenneth! Can you believe it?? I passed on the Galileo due to price. Chose the Spark and RaspberryPi to play with instead.


I have them already! What i mean is, i’m going to gather a bunch of dev kit and try them out :wink:

Gets cooler each day!

i signed up too, got my 2nd email so assume it will be winging its way, just got to look into how to get rid of that windows-ce crap and put linux back on it

it will be interesting to see how x86 integrates into the arduino world, when arm has been a little headache.

IoT Info Update!!:
“We plan to ship a couple of hundred kits each week this summer and
continue adding more templates and guidance to the Developer Portal.
We’ve already seen an overwhelming amount of interest in Windows for
IoT. As a result, we will not be able to ship this initial developer kit
to everyone who signs up.”