Microsoft Flow support?


I spoke with you in a support inquiry about this, but Microsoft recently unveiled their Flow service, which seems to act in the same vein as IFTTT. Are there any plans at this time to integrate with Flow? This would be handy for groups that use Office 365, such as the company I work for.


@derik.t, I think this can be achieved even now with HTTP, I have managed to do it with HTTP, here is the screenshot of the flow

This calls a Particle Function called “fn” and post the return value to Twitter. Only thing is that you have to hard code the Device ID, Access Token and Function Argument.

Another possiblity is to define a Custom API in PowerApps and then use it in the Flow. I haven’t tried it but I think this can be done.

Not sure whether Particle plans to integrate it with Power Apps Custom API.


i Derik,

I’ve looked into it but I’m getting a OAuth error. I’ve reached out to Microsoft but have not heard back yet :frowning:

I’ll ping them again and see if we can get the issue resolved


Hey @harrisonhjones, have you ever heard back from MS?
FYI; Flow is now generally available in Office365 :slight_smile:

I’ll try some stuff with it later.