Hi there!

I was wondering if there is a way to accomplish in the mesh what Particle.unsubscribe does for the cloud? Currently, new xenons that are turned online publish to my mesh that they are ready to join the argon’s schedule, and the argon subscribes to these events. However, I want the argon to check for new players periodically, not continuously, and there doesn’t seem to be a mesh.unsubscribe function in the docs.

Has anyone found a way to accomplish a similar goal?

Thanks for the insight!

I don’t (yet) know whether there is a Mesh.unsubscribe() (although trying to add to call and see whether you get an error should clarify that).
However, I’m not quite following the rationale in this

A subscription would not do anything continously, so if there are no new devices publishing their presence there won’t be any overhead.
What am I missing?

I think what you want is a Mesh Network device list function? There isn’t one for the gateway.

You could look at the marco-polo example and as a Xenon gets switched on and joins the mesh network they send a “beat” with the gateway recording Device IDs as active/known device?