I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to measure RSSI on the XENON. I am building a network for my farm project. It includes property perimeter motion sensors, green house monitoring, chicken coop monitoring, and of course the Moonshine shed. I would like to be able to measure signal strength and output it to led’s on a custom board I am working on so as I adjust the sensors I can see visually how to place them. If anyone has worked on something similar, and would be willing to share it would be greatly appreciated.

@HillBilly, I assume you know that Mesh has now been deprecated (removed) and Xenon’s are no longer sold. A Mesh RSSI API was discussed in the early days of Mesh development but never implemented that I know of. However, @rickkas7 did some work that might be helpful:

Thanks for sharing the information. I did not know the Xenon’s were not being sold any more. Was there a issue with them or just not enough being used? I assume the Argon is not the lowest cost solution now ? I will look at the Mesh info as well.