Mesh referrals :D


Looking for at least one person to use mine :stuck_out_tongue: I used another person in this threads for mine (4np), hope you got what you wanted.


Thanks @Rhaedyr! You got me up to one referral! Seems like I will now get that free starter pack :wink:


here’s mine! Thanks loads in advance :slight_smile:


I love developing my own projects and projects on the university and I feel that the Particle Mesh will really help me in creating the best solutions even as a not so tech-savvy student.

Unfortunately I discovered the links too late and I already preordered my stuff, so I am unsure if I can still use one of your links. If I can, could someone please tell me how? Because I want to help others out because I am asking others to do so too. Sharing is caring!

My referral link is
Thanks in advanced to people who use my link.


You are awesome! Please click the referral link to get me free gifts.

Thanks a lot!


Hey Guys!

Mine is:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m missing only 1 referral and with my link, you will receive a free Particle Mesh Starter Pack :


Nobody has used your other link?

EDIT: If you guys want to help support po-util please use my link:


Yes, but as I said, I’m missing one more referral.

EDIT: Oh I see, I made a mistake in my referral link. Thank you for reporting it to me!


If anyone else goes looking for a referral link, you can use mine :slight_smile:


Sure - why not!
Thanks in advance! :smiley:
Referral Link:


Hi all,

I may as well put mine up here too:




Just another code:


Here’s a fresh referral code to use!


Here is mine:


Just ordered mine!

Feel Free to use mine:


MMMMM Argon…(s)…Here’s mine in case anyone takes pity on me!



Ordered too (and used referral from link above).
Click on any referral link to earn your “particle mesh starter pack”.


Fresh code, thanks in advance:


help homeless and disadvantaged in toronto through the foundation i work with with the following code