Mesh referrals :D


Do NOT use this one:



For the sake of freebies, please new buyer do some favour :smile:

Place order using the link:


Mine is :blush:


Thank you Brett for using this link! :+1:


Thanks, all, for sharing!!! My code is Thanks for clicking!


Has anyone had problems with the referral working?

I had 2 friends order devices with my referral code and it appears I only got credit for one of them. They both have the starter kit reward added to their order but I only got one credit.

I looked at their order, and the one I didn’t get credit for typed the code in lower case, so I’m wondering if there’s a case sensitivity issue.


Hi guys! New to the community here. :slight_smile:️ When you preorder the mesh devices with the referral code, you get a free mesh starter kit.

My referral code link is here:


Just preorder Mesh through the referral link and got a FREE Particle Mesh Starter Pack!!

Welcome to join us with my link: :smiley:


Used @waynesan’s code XB7DCP
Here’s mine


Hi Folks, I used The referral code from @aart with my order. I’d really appreciate some referral love from anyone placing a new order–Here’s my referral code:

Happy hacking.


how do I sign up for referral program?


If you buy something through the store, you should receive a referral code.


I will also jump into the thread, but I also wrote a small story what I attempt to build with my first Particle Mesh order: Mesh powered IoT Weather Station

If you like the article, I would be happy if you use my referral link for your mesh orders:

FYI, I have placed a serious amount of devices, so the weather station has to work :wink:

Thanks for the 3 referrals so far!


Is there a way to add a referal code to an order I already placed?

My referal code if you need one…


I used the referral code for someone who has shared quite a number of projects on these forums (and happens to live in the same country as I do)!

Please feel free to use mine:


Thank you, my fellow citizen!
Now go out and ski while you can since as my daughter likes saying “the grass is coming!” (when the snow melts - for people living far from any pole, north or south)
PS: here’s my link just in case:


Amazing idea! and also a great way to invite people to use your link.


@gusgonnet, no worries about the skiing :grinning:. I did 130km cross country the other weekend, a bit short (:disappointed_relieved:) of completing the Canadian Ski Marathon. However, I was too wiped out to do any Particle work for a couple of weeks…


Thanks, Jacob, for using my referral code!!


Thanks everyone for helping me reach 13 referrals!