Mesh Pre-order Shipping FAQ's


I ordered a Boron and several Argon kits back in October with delivery advised to be in November.
After sending several emails requesting when these devices will arrive, I have received no reply.
Anyone know if these are shipping out yet?




Could you submit another support request? I can’t find any recent support tickets for the email your community forum account is associated with, or any other account in your domain. If you know your order number, that would be helpful to include as well.


ordered the argon a month ago. I still haven’t received it. Could you tell me where my cargo is?my order number is P23947


I replied to your support request.


can I cancel the order?
Can I return the money I paid if I cancel


@cinare please submit your request to


I have not yet received a shipping email from particle, but my retail store order P26372 has shipped (Currently in Canada-US customs). So it looks like even if you haven’t got a shipping email, the pre-orders have been filled and the retail store orders are now shipping. Thank you Particle team for working to get the mesh products out. Launching new products on a mass scale is never easy. (EDIT: I did receive a tracking number it was just hiding in a different email folder)