Mesh Pre-order Shipping FAQ's


Shipping notation received this morning with an ETA of tomorrow. Hallelujah!


11/19 I got the email that my order would ship that week. Nothing since. MP5620.

The link to open a support ticket does not work for me. I see general troubleshoot and a link to the forum but no way to open a ticket. I tried on two different devices but the page doesn’t appear to load the buttons I need to submit the support form.

Frankly, this is really frustrating. @kmmonk I’d really appreciate some assistance.

Edit: it appears my message did go through despite the lack of visible buttons on the page. Ticket 70580.


I also got the 11/19 email that it would ship last week. And no emails since then. My order is MP4377.

My original confirmation email was received Feb 13th, at 11:55pm Eastern time. A friend I referred on Feb 14th is int he same boat as me, nothing since Nov 19th.

So now all orders have been shipped, yet there is still no follow-up or indication that either of the orders I’m aware of have been shipped, and it appears I’m not the only one affected.


I got an “it shipped” email at 1AM CST this morning,
I live in Chicago suburbs,
I followed the tracking and was told it will be delivered today from Indiana.


Hey all! As a few people have mentioned, shoot us an email on our support site and we’ll be able to give you more detailed information about your order specifically. Since my team and I are working from there, that’s the quickest way to get information. Also, since most of the questions/info is sensitive (that I wouldn’t want to share publicly in the forums) we can usually answer you quicker from a support ticket.

Thanks everyone and I’m excited to see some of the projects coming from you all.


Well, it was supposed to arrive yesterday but it seems that FedEx is going to play with it for a while in Bloomington, CA. Order #1337. They won’t let me change delivery options. Can someone at Particle tell them to leave it at my door if the front office is closed? Signed delivery is not going to work and the front desk is closed too often and deliveries get missed. I cannot sit around for days waiting for a driver that may or may not show up on any random day at some random time.


I checked on my order since I have not heard anything since the email last week with an update stating my order had an expected shipping window of 11-21-2018 and 11-23-2018.

I received word that mine has not shipped as of today and will likely ship on December 3rd.

That puts about 2000 orders after mine based upon my order number. I was aprox. order number 4000 (starting at 1000, I am almost order number 5000 ordered on 4-9, and the last pre order being number 7000)

Good luck to those also still waiting.


Are you sure that there were only 195 left? Are you not missing a digit? Hard to believe that number when my order from April is now expected to ship the first week of December. Based upon order numbers there are almost 2000 orders after mine.


I sent the support email and I’m waiting for the reply.

I placed my order late Feb 13th (the first day the mesh products were announced). Based on what Kevin said back on November 8th, that should have put me around 1400 orders and it should have been among the first batch going out the next day or following Monday.

This experience has been so frustrating.

Edit: I’m in the December 3rd group as well. With my order from literally the first day of preorders. After being told the date puts me in the first 1400 of 6000 orders. After being told literally yesterday that there were 195 orders left that would go out yesterday. Now yet another week? How is it even possible to screw up this badly?

Come on Particle, this is so far beyond pathetic it’s disgusting. You billed my credit card over a month before the ship date.


I just got a email from Kyle on a support ticket I submitted. Now their saying Dec 3rd (or sooner :confused: ) for reference, my number is MP1845 and I put my order in on 2/13 at 1:30 CST.

Funny seeing the July Ship date on that confirmation email, I’m hoping for December but I think January. Another month of paying for this data sim down the drain.

I really wished this was communicated better. I’ll know next time on any particle pre-orders to wait about a year.


Ah, finally arrived tonight…along with another package that had also gone into lala-land (‘pending’, whatever that means, thanks FedEx, I don’t blame the drivers. The poor guy looked like he was going to die and was still working at 9pm. FedEx corporate needs to do a better job of serving their customers and drivers with better updated information - shockingly the best example is UPS, who I used to hate but they’ve changed. FedEx needs to catch up). Odd that the best solution is probably this product. Electronic package lockers ala Amazon need to be more common and should be in every common delivery area (for me, apartments mail room). Unlock via the delivery company app. Who knows, maybe everyone will have one at their front door at some point. Better than letting Amazon into your house when you’re not home.


Hi All, just a quick FYI

I got my email indicating shipment, but when I clicked the tracking number, it went to fedex and then told me that there was no such tracking number.

The Tracking number was a USPS one, so going to USPS and putting in the tracking number gave me the tracking info. I think that there is some confusion with fedex smartpost and USPS shipping.

Mine was going to a PO Box, so a street address FedEx probably won’t see the same issue.


Just got my Mesh devices. Yeh.


Shipping notice with tracking. Says it should arrive Monday


Mine arrived in the UK on Thursday and I received the shipping notification today (Friday). From the labels it shipped out on Monday.

It only contained my original pre-order and not (if I remember correctly) the additions to it. So I’ve only received 1 Argon and 1 Xenon instead of two of each, I’ve been charged for all though.

Waiting on a reply from support.


My order came this past Tuesday. Everything was included.


My kit arrived Friday. Thanks everyone!!


My preorder arrived a couple days ago. I got the email later that afternoon, saying my order had shipped.


The missing items from my order arrived today. Excellent!


Mine arrived today. Waiting for the box to come up to room temp to prevent condensation since it is 25 outside and 65 inside.