Mesh Pre-order Shipping FAQ's


Congrats RWB!


I received my shipping email early this morning, Sunday the 25th.

I followed the tracking number to FedEx which reported TWO different shipments for the same number, one of which was delivered in Feb. of this year, and one that was delivered in August of last year. I can only hope that means the tracking number is correct but something else is amiss in the paperwork.

That means no date provided for delivery since FedEx thinks the package has already been delivered.


Just got my shipment for MP1284, so FedEx sorted out the customs side of things. It wasn’t that high a value order so they probably just let it through. Was fullfilled by Ingram Micro.

One problem is that I didn’t get the complete order. I only got 5 out of 6 Xenons, 1 out of 2 Argons, and 0 out of 1 Debuggers. I didn’t change quantities since the original order, and yet the paperwork matches the shipped quantities with no indication of any back ordered items.

Anyone else get a short shipment?

Edit: The invoice received by email on 29 Oct shows the correct order quantities.


Others have received partial orders.


OK, thanks. I suspected it was some kind of rationing.


Kean, go ahead and submit a support ticket with us, detailing your packing list of what you expected and what you actually received. We can look into it further from there.


I have also not gotten a shipping number, even though I got the email saying shipping friday or saturday.

I know that delays for a product launch can happen, but it has now been weeks since my credit card was charged and as other point out - that is unacceptable!


Got an email with expected shipment date: Friday, Nov 23 - Saturday, Nov 24

And I haven’t received any tracking number.


For reference - my order was placed at 3am on 14 Feb. I received a shipping email with Fedex tracking number a few minutes ago. Package has yet to be picked up by Fedex but things are on the move.


My card got billed many weeks ago for $650 of Mesh parts. After many promises I am yet to get any notification of shipping information or tracking numbers.
How much longer do we need to wait?


Which channel are you getting the promises?

Have you opened a support ticket here? --> ?


Hey everyone!

I’m happy to see that people have began receiving their Mesh Orders! As of this moment, there’s only 195 orders that haven’t been shipped yet, but should ship today. So ~97% of all the preorders are all shipped! If you haven’t received a shipping email, be sure to check your spam/junk folder since I’ve noticed some folks finding their emails there.

If you’re part of the 3% who’s order hasn’t shipped yet or you don’t know if your order has shipped or not, if you could wait till tomorrow (Nov 27th) to see if you get the shipping email, that’d be great! If you haven’t received it by then, please send us a message here and we’ll get that for you. Most likely, your order has shipped but for some reason you didn’t get the email letting you know that.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know here or in a ticket. I’m back from Thanksgiving break and ready to help out however I can!


Devices were supposed to ship before the holiday last week according to the email notification. I’m hoping my devices magically appear on my doorstep today despite not receiving an email with tracking and despite not showing inbound via my FedEx Delivery Manager. I’m being patient… really! Will update tomorrow, Nov 27th.


Maybe I’m one of the unlucky 3% too. No tracking info received yet.

Order #: MP2130
Order status: In progress
Expected shipment date: Monday, Nov 19 - Wednesday, Nov 21


Did you open a ticket? That’s the best way to find out what’s wrong and get your order moving.


No tracking notice but they did magically appear today. Late. Just now. The shipping machine is indeed working! The notification machine is obviously broken.

And for anybody else who tries to sign up for FedEx delivery manager, I figured out the reason why I wasn’t seeing any inbound packages. When you sign up for your address, you also put in your name and any aliases. My package was addressed to my email address with ATTN: [my real name] below on the third line. So if the name on the package is critical it would have never matched to my name.


Nice :grinning:

Now let’s see how long it takes you get them setup.


I already have a xenon and argon on breadboard blinking can. I had my 3 year old help me hook them up in the name of science education. :wink: Can’t do any code until the kids go to sleep.


Give this code a try and watch how the Xenons communicate over time.


Kevin, could you please kindly check my order # MP6153 with ticket ID = 70535.

Thank you.