Mesh Pre-order Shipping FAQ's


Ordered roughly same time, got an email stating shipment friday or saturday as well. :slight_smile:


I received an email on Monday the 19th indicating my order was shipping by Wednesday the 21st. I was told I’d receive an email when it shipped with an attached PDF.

Well, it’s Friday the 23rd…guess Thanksgiving got in the way of that delivery and email since I haven’t heard anything yet.

One request…please stop thanking me for my patience…you’re mistaking patience for a lack of options.


I received the same email with shipping no later than Wensday.

No email with tracking info yet.


Same here. Shipping Monday through Wednesday. No further emails since.


+1. Same email on Monday, indicating shipping no later than Wensday. No email with tracking info yet.


The email I received said Friday or Saturday. So I guess that’s not going to happen if the Wednesday items didn’t get shipped.

I’d much rather see a good product arrive late than a half-baked product on time just so the company can say they made a deadline, so it’s not that the products are late which is so annoying. It’s the constant poor communication, being told over and over we’ll have it shipping within a few days now coming up on over a month.

On October 23rd we were told shipping would begin that Friday. Here we are on November 23rd. A few days ago we were told shipping would be done before Thanksgiving. Then we got the more personalized emails extending it even further. We’re only talking about 6000 packages here. Zach and Kevin working together by themselves could have been finished the whole fulfillment by now if they’d started when shipping supposedly began.

My credit card was billed 3 weeks ago at the items have not shipped. That is beyond unprofessional.


My CC was billed Oct. 29th.


Same here. Received shipping notification for sometime Mon-Wed but then nothing. Another reason to believe they didn’t ship… I signed up for the FedEx my delivery tracking and there are no inbound FedEx packages for my address.


I live 30 mins from their shipping center.

If they shipped Wednesday and didn’t send the shipping email the package would have arrived today, couple hours before the day is over so it’s possible it could arrive today but I doubt it.


Add me to the chorus. I would have preferred Particle to have 'fessed up about delays rather than keep repeating that it’s going to ship any day now, week after week.


Looks like it did ship out today!


Just received a tracking number today and will arrive on 11/29.


Hopefully I’ll hear something, no news here since the notice that it will ship in the days before Thanksgiving. Also charged CC on Nov 1. I got my invoice, but it wasn’t sent until I gave @kmmonk a ping to get it sent to me.


The wait is over! :grin:

Now the fun begins :spark:


Party time for @RWB :tada:


BORON LTE & 5 Xenon’s are setup and running now :grin:

Could not setup the Xenons using the Android app on a Samsung Note 9 but I was as able to do it quickly on the new iPad Pro 11 inch using the latest Particle App.

Setup is quick and easy if you do not have a Samsung and you follow the instructions.


HAH I’ve got MP1845 and I haven’t got any shipping information either. This was a very disappointing experience. I still have no Idea of when I will get these devices and I was charged weeks ago.


I got my order in shortly before 10pm Feb 13th (Pacific time). I was also charged over 3 weeks ago, and still have no shipping notice. My last communication from them was the email sent Nov 19th that my order would ship Friday or Saturday. I guess that is now another missed promise.

On November 16th, they said it would ship before Thanksgiving. How do you promise shipping within a few days every few days for weeks on end? If there are delays fine, but how does a company screw up this badly on 6000 packages?


MP1284 is stuck in customs on the way into Australia. Got a message from FedEx that they are after more detail on the description of the contents for a tracking number I didn’t have any record of. Thankfully MP1284 was listed as the invoice number in the tracking info, and I remembered this preorder had MP codes. Presumably the export paperwork was not complete, and probably just a copy of the invoice with no HS tariff codes.
Hopefully it gets delivered in the next couple of days, without a large import fee. Any duty should be a trivial amount (actually just 10% GST), but the additional handling fees from some shippers can be hard to swallow for a small value order.


Interesting and a bit of a worry. I was advised that it would ship Fri or Sat but I have not received a shipping email (ordered very early on 14 Feb). I leave on Tuesday for a holiday so it will be difficult for FedEx to contact me and I do not have a tracking number to chase the order myself.