Mesh Pre-order Shipping FAQ's



Yeah I haven’t gotten an email confirmation, but I know you guys are working hard on it.


Why am I incresaingly nervous about the potential for my pre-order to go astray… (saying that I appreciate the enormity of the task Particle faces)

Due to the delays my package is guaranteed to arrive shortly after I leave for a month overseas. There will be no-one to sign for it so I changed my delivery address.

Invoice arrived today - complete with my original shipping address

Checked the my-order site - the revised shipping address is shown correctly

Checked the site at (3) in Kevin’s email - it indicated that my address was incomplete. It showed part of my original home address, but no country or state - an attempt to fix it failed as it insists on using North American states regardless of the country!

In short I have no idea what shipping address is going to be used!

To add to the uncertainty the use of Fedex will increase the risk of my package going astray. My experience with their tracking system on international orders is far from optimal and quite the opposite of my experience with DHL. Unfortunate but nothing I can do.

Are the packages insured when shipped or is shipping at the customers risk?


By default, if I recall correctly, every Fedex package has an insured value of $100 if not specifically declared. I doubt Particle is incurring the additional expense of declaring actual values. If you haven’t already, put in a support ticket with the correct address and let their team address it.


@nrobinson2000 - Sorry about that! If you want that invoice, feel free to submit a ticket here and I’ll get that for you.

@OziGreybeard - I replied to you in another thread and I believe you’ve DM’ed me too, so I’ll reply to that about your shipping concerns.

@ninjatill - Thanks for that. I believe you’re correct that it comes with $100 insurance, but I’ll check with our logistics company to confirm that. And yes, put in a ticket if you’re seeing address issues.


So I’ve talked with my ops team and we’re changing how the orders are being loaded into the queue. Instead of the MP number, it’s only off of when you originally placed the order. So the MP# I mentioned above isn’t really accurate anymore. So go check when you originally placed your order, you should have gotten an email with the subject line “Woohoo! Your Particle Mesh Preorder is Confirmed”.

For a rough idea, there were about 1400 orders on 2/13, 1000 orders on 2/14, 400 orders on 2/15, then a couple hundred a day for the rest of February, March, and so on and so forth.

– So if your original order was on 2/13, depending on the time of day it was ordered, it should go out Friday, or early next week.

– If it was on 2/14, again, based on the time of day, it should go out mid-late next week.

– If it was on 2/15, it should go out either late next week or early the week after.

– If it was after 2/15, it should go out the week after next sometime.

Hopefully this clarifies things for everyone and it doesn’t punish anyone who updated their order. Let me know if anyone has any questions about this! I think this is the most fair way to go about this, so I apologize if there was any confusion!

Particle Mesh is shipping: everything you need to know

So you’re saying I should ignore the invoice# and just go with when I ordered?


Yep! Just go off the date that you ordered if your order hasn’t shipped already.


Woot! Woot!.. back to the front of the line for me! Thanks!


Thanks. Have PM’d you with the amended shipping address.

A warning to others who have changed their address via the my-order web site. It appears that at least in my case the change is not reflected in Particle’s shipping list despite being updated on the my-order web site.


Woohoo! Since my original email date was 14 Feb that gives me a chance of getting the package before I leave. The long and totally unpredictable pole in the tent will be Fedex. Thanks Particle for your customer support.


It may be too late but some constructive feedback (maybe for the post above?):

I’m an international (UK) customer in case it differs.

An invoice is a request to be paid. A ‘paid invoice’ is one that’s already been paid.

I got an email saying "Attached below is a copy of your Mesh Preorder paid invoice!"
Yet when I open it it tells me how to pay using Flywire or Wire transfer and gives me a “Due date”

No mention of credit card or anything - so should I pay by Flywire or??? confirmed that I’ve paid by CC but really I think the wording is not clear.

PS - excited and looking forward to my bits!!!


Does adding to the pre order delay this any? I placed my pre order, and received an email on Feb13, but added some classic adapters a few months later. Any chance this affects my shipping date?


Yes, changing the preorder kicked us who ordered first back further in line.

They said they have put us back in front of the shipping line but we for sure caused our orders to be shipped later by modifying our orders before the order lockdown date awhile back.


It kinda feels like they are waffling around and cannot fill orders. By the time I get the board it will be obsolete. SMH


I’ve found that though the my-order page has correct shipping information, the link under “Is your shipping address correct” above has it partially overwritten with the address of a former employer (no idea where that came from). Attempting to change it doesn’t seem to take: a page reload shows the wrong one again, while my-order still has it right. I’ve sent in a support request, but figured other folks might want to check the two places for consistency.


Had you been using the platform for The past five years, you’d know that not to be true.
You can’t ship 6000 orders all over the world at the snap of your fingers. It takes humans to pick & pack & ship them. There’s only so many orders one can put together in a day. The orders are being processed as quickly as possible and available (from China).

I get that everyone is eager to get their new boards, but waiting one week more or less is neither the end of the world, nor does it make them obsolete.


I dunno the order was created last July, pushed back several times and know no one really knows when things being sent out. I’m sure it will work itself out, but the optics aint so good.


Hey Kmmonk, thanks for all your work keeping us updated as best you can. Pardon me if this question has been asked many times already: Is there any estimation for orders placed in the summer (May through July)? My card was charged on Nov 1st and I’m curious if these orders will likely be shipping this month, December, or early next year. Do you have any guesses/ideas? Thanks again


Whole thing feels like a kickstarter project, except I mostly know I’ll get the products or get the money back. :sweat_smile:

I don’t think anyone is suggesting Particle doesn’t have a tough task shipping things out. However it is impossible for anyone to accept that the Mesh devices were shipped in any meaningful quantity in October (or on time), so they were quite later than promised. Also quite a bit later than promised before that. As well as later than promised before that.

Moderators being confrontational in defense of Particle doesn’t help paying customers (ie the community) feel welcome at all or acknowledge the frustration I and others experienced during this process. Hopefully moderators in the future could take a slightly more professional tone for the good of the community.

Personally, I’m quite disappointed in how the preorder was handled. Particle should have been well past the point they are at now before they opened the doors on the preorder. Had I known the reality of the timeline I would not have preordered at all. Besides, the window for using the Mesh devices I ordered on the project I had in mind has closed. There was still a chance I could have worked them in had they shipped in Oct, but alas, they did not. If I could cancel my preorder now, I would. (Especially since learning of the pricing structure)

Not that I am a make-or-break customer for Particle by any stretch of the imagination as Particle devices have just been curiosities for me. Because I didn’t get hardware in my hands I had to learn to use other devices like the nRF52 and ESP32/8266 directly so I look at Particle as a step backwards at this point. (I would definitely reconsider if the “local cloud” made a comeback… however Particle’s business model is entirely against that now).

PS, originally ordered on 2/13 at 12:33pm (roughly 2 hours after the preorder email was sent to me), billed Oct 31. Still don’t have any idea when my preorder will ship, almost a year later and months after they were supposed to ship at that time. If you can’t accept that is frustrating and people want their voices heard concerning it, maybe being a moderator isn’t for you.