"memory" of credentials of iPhone 5 personal hotspot [SOLVED]

I am a newbie.
I was able to connect the Core to a iOS hotspot generated by the same iPhone 5 that controls the Core. It works great but I have a few questions, please!

  1. How does the core know to connect to the same hotspot after I unplug it and move to a different computer for USB power?
  2. When I change locations for USB power (say, from one computer to another), why does it fail to re-connect to the hotspot?
  3. Do you know what type is the USB miniconnector that goes into the Core? I am interested to buy a cable such that I can power it from a standard AC outlet or other sources.

Thank you!

The Core has a place in memory for keeping up to 7 wifi networks with their credentials.

I don’t really know about this one, but I didn’t want to just ignore the question and make you think I forgot about it. I’m sure there are others in the forums who know much better than me about this.

It is a USB micro cable. You can grab a USB cell phone charger and plug the cable into that. If you want, there’s a good deal for a charger + micro USB cable on Amazon. I have a few of these for powering/charging all my zillions of USB devices (including Spark Cores!). It may not be powerful enough to drive lots of high loads (like big motors) or other power-hungry accessories, but it’s been plenty sufficient for all of my Spark projects.

When you move to the new location, are you also moving your phone? The range on a phone hotspot is not designed to be huge. Moving may put the core out of range for a successful connection.

Yes, I bring the phone along, of course! :wink:

Thank you for the other answers. So, there is a memory chip inside of some sort.

My problem is that most of the times the core does not connect to the hotspot once I power it up. (say, after I step away from the desk for a few minutes /and took the phone with me/)

Most of the times I tried, the next day I have to again connect using the USB cable and the telnet/github interface.
(the original installation at the very beginning also failed through the WiFi and phone app, I had to do it using the USB cable)
This is not cool …

Thx also for the cable info; just wanted to check that there is only one type micro USB … :slight_smile:

I had great success with wifi tethering to the core via my Android phone. Not sure if it’s the phone causing the problem?

The CC3000 will look for the network which is nearest (strongest signal) at the start and connect to it.

Is you core white, we can try to do a patch on the CC3000 and see if things turn out better :slight_smile:


iOS devices seem to have a very short attention span with respect to the devices that are attached to it. Most of my experience has been with using my 4S as a hotspot for my girls’ iPod Touch device. But, I’ve seen the same problem with the Core as well as my work laptop.

On the hotspot device, you pretty much have to be in the Personal Hotspot menu in the Settings app for it to recognize a new device. From then on, other (authenticated) devices can attach. If all of the devices go out of range, the hotspot function seems to get disabled and will not accept a new device, until you reopen the Personal Hotspot menu. As long as one device is attached an in range, the hotspot will stay active.

If I get a moment tomorrow at work, I’ll grab a spectrum analyzer to see if this is true.




Thanks, guys! It works well now. It’s just a matter of good signal (including to pay attention to potential interference from other devices).