Meet Niwa! A Spark based project | NOW HIRING

Hi guys!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Javier, founder of Niwa. I would like to introduce our project Niwa to the amazing Spark community; we recently rose over $150K on Kickstarter!

We are a team on the way to enable everyone to grow their own food at home with the help of the technology. We are developing the new generation of smart food tech devices; phone controlled which will drive individual hyper-local food production.

Software is an incredibly important part of our solution; we want to deliver an amazing user experience where the key is simplicity of use to disrupt how we grow food now.

We are looking for full stack passionate developers to build our infrastructure, from the Niwa’s microcontroller to the app and lead the software part of Niwa.

As we currently work remotely there is no need to relocate. We offer flexible work environment and strive to build a culture based on open communication, collaboration, innovation while having fun in the process.

If you want to learn more about our open positions, please just drop me a line!



an e-PhotoTron?? :smile:

:slight_smile: Well, it’s a bit more sophisticated and stylish…

@Javier How are things going with your project? Have you been finding the people you need?

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