Maximum Simultaneous Connections to TCPServer

Perhaps this is already documented, and I don’t know where to look. Does anyone know what the maximum number of simultaneous connections are allowed to the TCPServer?

I would like to forward an external port to a photon through a router for an application to make it accessible from the outside - and I would like to be reasonably confident that it won’t be consumed by responding to bots 24/7. I know that a significant enough DDoS attack would take anything down but it’s a place to start.

Additionally, has anyone had success with rejecting connections quickly based on, perhaps, a pin number being passed in a webpage to quickly drop invalid, unwanted connections to a photon using the TCPServer?

This is a very specific application which I do not want to use a cloud alternative and am looking at using the TCPServer specifically.

9 open sockets (plus 1 for the cloud connection) in 0.8.0-rc.2 and later on the Photon and P1.