Maker kit DC motor voltage?

This may be a stupid question, as I’m not super knowledgeable about electronics. I noticed the data sheet for the DC motor included with the maker kit specifies a maximum of 1.6V. Is it possible to power this motor safely using only the components included in the kit? There’s a transistor and a protection diode, but what about the voltage? Not that I have any real application for this little motor, but I was going to plug it in for fun and I the specs left me wondering.

Hello @masto
The transistor provided in the kit should be able to drive the motor and the diode can act as a fly-back when included. I have run the motor at 3.3V; it just gets a little warm after a while.

Sorry, this is not answer, just another question.

So, I do not have to do things like creating voltage divider using resistors, right?

You don’t have to :slight_smile: