Mailing address to get a Photon fixed?

I am down to 2 options with this particular Photon:
a) Stomp on the darn thing repeatedly and mercilessly.
b) Return it to the factory so you guys can reset the darn thing.
I have tried everything, running the CLI with the DFU thru the USB and it is still AFU. Resetting by pressing the buttons until the light flashes “Stop doing that” in Morse code. Repeatedly cursing. Installing reams of software and typing many many mystery commands.

So what is the mailing address that I can send it to so that you can get the darn thing working again? I’ll even include a self addressed prepaid envelope so that you can return it.

Right now it just flashes blue (not breathing just flashing). I give up on this device. Life is too short to spend any more time just trying to get the darn thing to ‘factory reset’.

Flashing blue is listening mode. Might be a redundant question, but have you tried providing it with credentials? If so, what (doesn’t) happen?

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Reading the docs is a 3rd option…

Your device doesn’t need resetting or sending back to particle. Rather, it needs wifi credentials, or you can flash firmware that uses SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC) if you don’t need the wifi connection.

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