LTE Direct. To Make dual Electron 3G Kit communication

Help me. I don’t know how to start.
I have bought 2 of Electron 3G Kit.
So I want send data by lte.
And I would like using free. Because I have saw LTE direct skill. Is it possible? Or impossible?

There are a lot of questions, not all connected to one another. As far as I’m aware, LTE and 3G are different things, and not compatible, so you probably won’t be able to use your 3G electron for LTE communication (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

Unless you find a generous plan somewhere, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use it for free. You might be able to use your regular cellular bundle if your operator provides additional Sims.

What exactly is the end goal of your project? Then we might be able to give some better advice.

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Thank you very much. It’s my mistake. I confused 3G and LTE.

I do not speak English well. Please understand.

I would like to collect several sensor data in one pay-as-you LTE network.

so I will make a gateway( LTE module and (Raspberry or Arduino)) and wifi sensor network.

One Gateway will have many sensors. It made by wifi WPS.

It send many data of sensors that through one paid LTE service.

I would appreciate your help.

Is this possible? 3G Direct communicate.