Low Voltage (Kitchen) Lighting Controller


I just posted a new project on Hackster for my Photon based IoT low voltage lighting controller. I hope you enjoy it


Here’s some preview pictures…


  • 12V DC input for use with LED lighting.
  • On-board 5V regulator for Photon, USB power connector and NeoPixel LEDs.
  • 4 Channel low side, high current (5-10ish amps) PWM FET control, Ideal for LED strips, motors, fans etc.
  • NeoPixel drive from internal 5V or external for higher current (>500mA).
  • On-board status LEDs for diagnostics.
  • Switch input with software controllable power (e.g. push button with LED or a hall effect sensor).
  • DC current monitoring.
  • 5V voltage monitor (to allow for possible battery operation of the photon)
  • High side switched 5V USB A connector (power output only).
  • 5V PIR sensor connector.
  • External light sensor (3.3v).
  • On-board temperature sensor and connector for external DS18B20 sensors.
  • I2C external connector.
  • Links up with SmartThings. Control the lights with a SmartThings motion sensor or their app.
  • Prototype area, connections available for 12V, 5V, 3v3, GND and all Photon pins.
  • Photon powered (naturally :smiley: )

I found the PCB to be really useful, not just for my kitchen lighting. Here’s a video of it being used in the development of a UV exposure box. It’s controlling a NeoPixel ring, a strip of UV LEDs, USB light, a 12V DC 80mm Fan (PWM’d to control the speed) and uses a hall effect sensor to trigger the different options, all whilst reporting power usage, PCB temperature and control state to the internet.