Lost all sketches and settings

HI There,

I just logged on and my account was empty, all my settings were lost and no cores were associated with my account. Is there a way to recover this?!?!



Sorry, my fault. It’s was set to auto login on someone elses account. It was still there.



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www.spark.io/build is a bit confusing, because it offers by default a sign up form. And because you can use that to login as well, but if you typo your email while trying to login, it actually creates you an another empty account and login to it instead of giving an error message.


This is a good point, and it’s one of those side effects of “how easy should it be it to create an account.” For the most part I think that prompt just wants to get out of your way so you can start coding.

What if we did something like… Set a 7-day cookie when you create a new account, something like “already_made_account=1”, and if that is set we show a confirmation dialog when you login and the account doesn’t exist?

i.e. if you created an account in the last week in the same browser you get a warning before creating a second account, just so you don’t accidentally miss your original account and create a new one by mistake? Thoughts?


This was supposed to be the way it worked (that it would send you to the login page instead of the sign up page once you’ve already created an account), but it looks like something got borked along the way. We’ll fix this to do the right thing :slight_smile: