Loss of connection to Electron


I have observed numerous times that my 2G Electron, once battery has been allowed to die and power re-applied, no longer responds to variable or function calls. It is breathing cyan and shows as such on the dashboard. Further, if I attempt to flash my code OTA in this state, Build reports success, but the LED never changes colour, and the code is not flashed!

I am using the Javascript API. The browser console reports a token is retrieved, but a device ID is not. The Electron has an IP address and was last seen today. The console reports “The access token was not found” but there is indeed one retrieved and the device ID returned is correct.

If I hit Reset on the Electron it will then function correctly. Sometimes I have to Reset twice, as I just did – and once again all is fine! However, this isn’t any good for my application as physical access will be difficult.

Can anyone suggest a solution or idea? Many thanks!

Hm–sounds like it could be a firmware bug. @BDub have you seen this before?