LoRa with Electron v Arduino Mini


I’ll try that but I had them connected about 20cm apart and still had the issue… do you think I should try isolating the 2 boards?


@PeaTearDial, you could try connecting like you do the Arduino Mini (off board). Are you running the Arduino Mini at 5v or 3.3v?


Ya I’ve tried that! I’ve powered the mini at 5V and 3.3v. it works fine either way!


@PeaTearDial, the SX1276 works at 3.3v and I’m surprised it tolerated 5v (from the Arduino) at its SPI interface since the specs indicate max GPIO voltage is Vdd or 3.3v. Not sure what to suggest next.


OK so now I have the system setup as follows:

LoRa -> SPI -> Arduino -> UART -> Electron

Works OK. everything is powered off the Electron 3V3.


Cool, did you use the code I posted above to parse the UART data coming from the Arduino?

Just wondering if it was useful or not, or if you used something different.


Yup, Thanks! I looked through it and did something very similar.

I’m still trying to get it working with the electron directly, have 2 micro-controllers is pretty messy!


Any reason to not just use the RFM95w radios instead? I get an almost 1-mile range in a rural area just using the wire antennas.


Hey all, just to follow up.

I ended up putting the electron in a metal box and connected to the Lora module outside using a shielded cable. Managed to get the range up.
I previously wrapped the electron in 1 layer of foil which didn’t work. I ended up wrapping it multiple times and it started working… I probably had gaps the first time around…

Does anyone know where I could get a PCB shield that can cover the electron… cant seem to find one big enough!!


sorry peateardial i am not able to help you with your question, however you seem to know very well what you’re doing so i was wondering maybe you could help me with some questions that i might be having for you, please? i want to learn but it is hard for me because i’m on injectable steroids under my doctor prescription and it is hard to concentrate. so your knowledge could really help me a lot. if that’s not going to be a problem for you


I am using a similar set up with Electron and SX1276 to act as a LoRa receiver. I was wondering if you were using this as a LoRa gateway to talk to The Things Network? Thanks.