Looking for some local programming help (Los Angeles)

After many hours blankly staring at the monitor I give up! I’m looking for someone in the LA area to mostly work remotely but also be able to come on site if need be.

I work in production at a factory that makes furniture here in LA. We have 3 cnc machines and 2 edgebanding machines and I’d like to monitor efficiency remotely. I have most of the hardware sourced, but developing the code is clearly out of my wheelhouse…

By using the accelerometer mounted to the CNC head I can tell when it’s moving/cutting vs. at rest. At the end of the day I’d like to add up the total time spent moving and compare that to the 10-hour work day to find at what percentage efficiency we’re operating at.
And for the edgebander we’d use a light sensor to measure how many pieces are moving over the sensor changing the light reading from an ambient light level to a darker reading. So for this I’d like to just use it as a counter. I have a simple counter I rigged up to do this using a laser pen as “break beam”, this might make things more clear.

I’d like to use ubidots or something similar to view all the machines. And eventually I’d love to add in more functionality.

Please let me know if you can help out and we can discuss the specifics.

Thanks for reading this!


Emailed. Did you get it?