Looking for mentorship

Hello, my name is Kai. I am a 21 year old student who is really confused, both with life and how to get my foot in the door with CS. I’m up to 2 Photons and 1 Core but I feel like what would really help progress me in my studies is someone who can give me advice and help.

My use of technology focuses on helping others experience a higher quality of life, and I see a lot of potential in these products. I want to aid in the creation of the Internet of Everything, where devices are autonomously communicating with each other. I also have a heavy focus on education, and making it available to those who are in less fortunate situations. I grew up as a minority in poverty, and through fortunate circumstances my family was able to get out that, however not everyone is as lucky. As an American, I feel it is my responsibility to give back to others (we do use more resources than anyone else after all).

This is a nice community and from what I’ve seen, it helps people prosper. This is one of the reasons I’ve become active in it. I’m still new to CS and even more new to hardware, but as the saying goes, 1% inspiration 99% perspiration, and trust me, I sweat.

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Welcome to the club. I’m 20, a student, and equally confused :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering the sheer amount of awesome folks on this platform, why limit yourself to one person? If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask them, and I’m sure multiple people will gladly help out. As long as you keep in mind that most folks on here have other stuff they need to do besides being awesome on these forums, I’m sure you’ll have a great time :smile:


Dude whattttt? You’re 20? That’s European Education for you haha. Right on, good words of advice.

A big question for these devices and future projects is can I get the wiring connected to a device? Like take apart a remote and control it through a program? Or instead of using a servo to turn a coffee machine on, can I connect directly to that wiring?

Yeah, I’m trying to do EE & CS… :sweat_smile:

That depends on the device. If it’s some ‘stupid’ button pressed, then sure, shouldn’t be too hard. If it requires some kind of complex signal, then it depends on whether or not you’re capable of figuring out that signal, and the possibilities of reproducing these. Theoretically, yes, you should be able to hook it up to pretty much anything. Practically, it’s going to be tougher on some projects and easier on others. The scale goes from “replicate button press” to “not worthwhile trying”.
Your best bet is to first check if something like it has already been done before in one way or the other. If not, try asking around (on here for example) whether or not it’s viable. More often than not, folks here have very valuable advise to give, and they’re not afraid to give it :smile:

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