Looking for BLE HCI USB CDC device (libusb) to replace RedBear BLE mini


I’m working on a project where the original developer used a RedBear BLE mini with the HCI USB CDC firmware (https://github.com/RedBearLab/BLE_HCI). The executable (Code: https://pastebin.com/SKwfQbud?fbclid=IwAR3cQEiMrNkPryqexUsSUibABnITZ6-QzCPTKpw021yekP7NejwR-rGQXCs) is on a car infotainment system running Linux, addresses the BLE mini via libusb and uses it to receive BLE tire sensor data. The data is written to a oneliner which is read by an app.

As a web dev, I originally got into the project to build the app/frontend showing the data and I’m new microcontroller board development (and C). Of course I’d like to be able to use it myself, too. I’d also like to receive other sensor data (via analog pins). Unfortunately, the original dev is not responding anymore. On top of that, I can’t get my hands on a RedBear BLE mini. I have a RedBear Duo (and a Link Shield for it), but I’m not sure if this could replace the BLE mini?

What I’m looking for is an alternative to the RedBear BLE mini.


  • HCI USB CDC / libusb (see code, ideally, only few changes required)
  • BLE AND/OR pins (for example for analog sensors)

Are there any boards/chips capable of being pluged in and used with the code above with just a few changes?

Thanks a lot in advance.