Looking for BLE Current Time Service (CTS) library or examples

Hi all,
I’ve got two borons, one is acting as the central BLE device that’s connected to the particle cloud and the other is acting as a peripheral sensor that is only connected to the central device via BLE.
I’d like the central device to provide the time to the peripheral via a CTS implementation.

Hence, I’m wondering if there are any libraries or examples for Particle devices doing a similar thing on both the central and peripheral side? No need to reinvent the wheel!


Not sure why you need to use CTS.
Can you elaborate in what way that would be superior to the features Time object offered by the Particle framework?

Well I’m not planning on using a Boron for the peripheral in the long run - it’s just for now while I’m testing. I’ll switch over to a much cheaper BLE only microcontroller, in which case I will need to provide time to the peripheral devices; they’ll have an RTC but they’ll still need syncing.