Looking for a Photon Developer: Write a serial string into a DB

Hi there, my name is Daniel Porragas, I’m an electronic engineer, yes… that kind of engineer that learned assembly and C with PIC’s and AVR’s but ended up working in Automation for Industrial Environments.

I’m currently working as a project manager and I’m trying to scope a tailored solution for one of my clients. I cannot reveal too much detail about the project but basically the system will comprise of about 50 to a 100 particle-photons logging information every X amount of time into a database (mdb, SQL, or something easy enough for the IT department to take the data and use it for their own purposes).
The photon will be connected to a serial device and everytime it receives a 32-bit string through the UART it will have to log into the database a string as per the following:

Unique Photon ID + Time/Date Stamp + 32bit Serial String

It has to be considered that several photons might be logging data into the same database, so flow/access control has to be considered. Also, GPIO’s will have to be used for LED indication of succesful logging and miscellaneous UI actions.

More details and full scope to be provided if your interested in participating in this project.


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To summarize your problem statement:

  • Photons read the data coming from a serially connected device periodically. Data read along with photon ID and the time stamp must be posted in a DB.
  • Several photons will be posting data. Data must not be lost.

These are few of ways of doing this :

  1. A server could pull the data periodically from each of the photons.
  2. Alternatively, Photons could publish the data through events which are subscribed to by the server There are Particle APIs to accomplish this. The server then stores the data in the chosen DB.
    3.Alternative methods for direct posting to DB can also be considered.

Detailed scoping can help arrive at the appropriate solution.



I sent you a PM. Happy to help on the project and discuss further if our team is a good fit. Feel free to send me a PM or email me directly jordan (at) thevelozgroup (dot) com

Jordan Mendler
President & CTO
The Veloz Group