Looking for a 24vac transformer..suggestions?

Need a project friendly 110 to 24vac @ 3amp max transformer? Anyone have any suggestions and/or a good supplier? Will be using relays between transformer and (3) other devices with 1amp draw each. Outdoor use so also looking for a solid metal outdoor enclosure if anyone has suggestions there that would also be very appreciated. Thanks all!

@LukeUSMC, here is one I found at Digikey:



You might want to check out any CCTV & security supplier in your area or online. Many security cameras and some electric door strikes use 24 vac.

Hi @LukeUSMC

If you really have three devices that draw 1A continuous, I would be looking for a 5-6A transformer if they can all operate at the same time. Going with the minimum current will shorten the lifetime of the transformer and could lead to transient problems when one or more devices are switched on or off simultaneously.

As others have said, lots of irrigation, lighting, and security devices use 24V transformers. Outdoor rated ones tend to be pricey.


Thank you all! I will be sure and get something on the order of 2x max concurrent draw…good point. I’ll go dig around a few irrigation aisles and hit some speciality shops.

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Look in the HVAC isle of Lowes or Home Depot. If they don’t have it and you have a Johnstone Supply near you they will have them. HVAC units use 24vac.