Login fields affected by switching apps

Our company’s email and password for Particle are very very long. When trying to login in PW, I find can’t enter both user and password via copy/paste because the fields exit when I switch between PW and my password manager app. For example, I copy the login, switch to PW, start the login process, paste my login and hit enter, switch to password manager, copy password, when I switch back to PW, it has already moved past the password field to the 2FA entry. I’ve been trying various permutations to see if I can trick it, but in general, switching apps shouldn’t change the state of the login process I think.

(macOS 10.14, VSC 1.29.1, PW alpha5)

ah, that’s annoying. sorry about that. i’ll ship a fix with the next update to ignore focus-out in this case. in the meantime, you can run the Particle: Launch CLI command then in the terminal that opens run particle login

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resolved in alpha6 update: Developer Preview Changelog - December 20, 2018