logHandler character limit?

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I’ve noticed that logging to various logHandlers seems to be capped somewhere around the 200 character limit, at that point a ~ symbol is added. I’ve seen this with both SerialLogHandler and PapertrailLogHandler so presumably the limit is within the firmware but I can’t find any mention of it in the Particle docs.
Is there a limit? And if so is there a way around it, ideally automatically splitting the output into multiple lines? Technically I can create my own wrapper to do that, but before I did I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a built in method.


The maximum string length is 160 and is set in Device OS and can’t be changed from user firmware.

The easiest workaround is to use Log.info, Log.error, etc. to include the timestamp and other information and a short log message.

If you have large log messages, use Log.print, which writes unbounded messages without the header information. Also log.dump prints out buffers in hex without limit.


Thanks, that clears things up :slight_smile: