LocalTimeRK changing times

Does anyone know if when using fromJson it will wipe out what was scheduled?

I have one board that seems to be remembering and old time that was put in. Should I be clearing something before setting the new time?

I am only sending one tm xx:xx:xx in the json.

A bit of your code would be helpful, as there are many ways the library can be used.

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Yes sorry.
Inside loop

if (publishSchedule.isScheduledTime()){
  //TODO remove  put loop stuff


LockDoor just changes a relay

Here is when I set a time

int LockTime(String command) {
    return 55;

Here is an example of the string going in.


So anytime I want to change that time it looks like it adds to it and not a replace.

Yes, the schedule is additive. Just call:


to clear the existing schedule to replace it.

Works perfectly.


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