Library for AT Commands

I have an existing codes in C++ using simple AT commands to read GPS data and send them to a HTTP server. This codes work on FONA 808. Here I have found a Library to get GSP data (AssetTracker.cpp). Does anyone know of a library that can be used to sent data to a HTTP server. Such a library will give me the option to set and configure Access Point and then send the data. We have implemented AT commands and to send data we use for example
If there is an existing library I will like to use it. If not I can use the AdaFruit SendCommand() and later create a library out of it. Such will also be used to send and receive sms.


Hey there,

This forum is focused around the Particle products, or compounds thereof. As such, there’s very little support for ‘outside’ boards, if any. In the Web IDE you can find an HTTP library for the Particle devices, or you could consider webhooks. Either should work, but both are meant for Particle.

As @Moors7 said, you can use the HTTPClient library for the HTTP side of things, and for sending the AT command you can look in the AssetTracker library how it’s done therein.

void Adafruit_GPS::sendCommand(const char *str) {
#ifdef __AVR__