Letter of Volatility

I regularly use Argons as well as other particle devices, and I had a client ask about a ‘Letter of Volatility’ to describe the different memory available on the devices and their function. Is this type of document available for Particle devices?

Each device datasheet in the docs should contain a “Memory map” section.

Here is the memory map for the Argon for example:

Is this what you are looking for?

The Argon’s main MCU is a Nordic nRF52840. It has:

  • 1 MB internal flash (128 KB available for user programs)
  • 256 KB RAM (around 80 KB available for user programs)
  • 4 KB SRAM (3K available for user programs)
  • 4 MB QSPI NOR flash (2 MB available as a file system)

There’s also storage on the ESP32 Wi-Fi coprocessor, but it’s not available to user programs.