Lederbox - a 32 character alphanumeric display device

Hi, let me show you my project:

From some time, wanted to build something to use in my house instead of a pen and a piece of paper.
Spark’s function 63 character argument generated an idea to build a communication device.
So, after few months of night hobby work, I finally created a Lederbox.
Very shortly, it’s a 32 character alphanumeric display device based on Sparc Core.
You can use it, well, to receive and display messages. It can combine several 63 characted messages into one long message, and display it in several ways. It stores the messages on SD card, so there can be a lot of messages.
I’m using simple python app for sending. It can be used as a comm device, as a clock, or as your next electronic project’s display. Thanks to Sparc, it can be integrated with ITFFF, and it’s really cool to display e-mails using IFTTT for example. If you are interested - please take a look at my small website, where you can find more info:


There are some pictures (it looks much better than in this pictures, really, it’s hard to make a good looking picture of this device for some reason…)

And - please, tell me, what do you think ?
Does it make sense to make Lederbox a commercial product ?
Please leave some comments, or fill in the contact form on the site.


I like it! ‘Simple’ and effective :smile:

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Love it! Would love to build one my self, just got to work out how to multiplex so many 7SegLed displays and hook it all in…

If you don’t end up turning it into a commercial product I would love to see how its all wired up and coded :smile:

This are actually 14seg LED’s :smile:
But this part is relatively easy, using a controller chip and I2C bus, and an adafruit library.
The code to achieve all the functionality was a litle bit harder to make, and I’m waiting for photons to finish it,
since I went out of flash with core.
Ultimately, even if it goes commercial, I plan to make it open hardware and open source.
But it’s not ready for that yet…

Lederbox update - new lederbox video at